Our Story

Here at Parker's Deals, we hold ourselves to a different standard than most companies like us. We do offer high-quality products at steeply discounted prices, but the difference between us and them is that we test every product that we add to our collection of products that we sell on our website. We will not purchase and sell a product that has not been tested to make sure it meets the three levels of criteria that our CEO set when he first created our company. This allows us to provide a superior selection of products, knowing we will have fewer returns and more satisfied customers in the long run!

We hope that you take the leap of faith and become a customer of Parker's Deals for a long time!

3 Reasons to Choose Us

Honesty. It's not just a word to us, it's ingrained into our companies DNA. Without honesty in products, reviews, pricing, what else is there? When trust is gone, you lost.

Integrity. Keeping our level of integrity to the highest standards possible has bought us the ability to source great products and offer them to our customers at a very steep discounted price.

Loyalty. Our customers are the heart and soul of our company. If you treat your current customers right, future customers will learn from the past ones and will be more likely to be a repeat customer. Keeping loyalty on our minds with every business decision we make is our focus!

"Thank you for taking a few minutes to read a little bit about our great company, we really appreciate your business, and I hope we get the opportunity to make sure you're left feeling wonderful after your experience with us! "

Parker's Deals - Founder/CEO